Andreas Balzer

Different cabbages/ kales (Experimental vegetable farm Zinsenhof, Lower Austria)

Excursion Organic Vegetable and Ornamental production Zinsenhof November 2017

Please note: Because this internet page is public, due to personal rights, here are no pictures with identifiable people.
I will name the pictures the next days. If you want to help me with this task, please contact me.

Link: Gemüsebau-Versuchsanlage Zinsenhof

If you want to download these pictures (of course you can choose which pictures you want to download), also the pictures with identifiable people, please follow this link to the cloud. If you have not gotten an email with the password, please contact me. There is also a space where you can upload your pictures of the excursion.

If you have any questions (also when you need the raw-files e.g. for picture editing), please write me a message. And for any comments use the comment section below.

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